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Ski club 105 is also offering tours to the caves and deserted beaches. Put your swimsuit on and make sure that there is enough space on the memory card of your camera because you will certainly want to keep these memories for ever.

How would you feel if someone would offer you a tour to secret caves and remote beaches? If you have no experience at sea, we provide skipper to guide you safely around the area. Palaiokastritsa and the neighboring beaches of Liapades are among the finest spots of Corfu and they’re perfect for boat-trip offering crystal-clear waters and swim breaks. At Ski club 105 we can realize this desire!Our tours are well known mostly because of their quality and beauty of the journey.

Our skipper will take you to hidden beaches.During the tour we are passing the Angelokastro (Angel’s castle),this famous Byzantine fortress was built by Michail Angelos Komninos B’ and it was named after him.We are stopping at the, hidden by the castle ,beaches.There is also a nice view to the Monastery of Holy Virgin Mary of Pal/tsa before visiting the beach of Chomo in the region of Liapades.

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Safety is our main concern. So here is some practical information and advice in order for your trip to be pleasant experience and not a nightmare.

Choose the right company
Organise your trip by choosing the right size of boat for the number of your friends.There is always limited space on boats so there can be some tension between the passengers.Make sure that the people you will choose to join you will enjoy such a trip.
Organize well
Check and plan your journey well in order to avoid unpleasant surprises.Give responsibilities to the crew members,organization and division of labor will help all enjoying the experience.
Always tie the boat with safety
Wherever you decide to go ashore,make sure that you have tied the boat well.It’s preferable to spend a couple of minutes to be certain than waking up in the middle of the sea!
  • Water Sport Prices

    Couch / RingsPrice
    2 Persons€ 40
    3 Persons€ 55
    4 Persons€ 70
    5 Persons (Only Couch)€ 85
    6 Persons (Only Couch)€ 100
    Sunbeds & Umbrella€ 10 / set
    Sup€ 10 / h
    Pedal boat€ 15 / h
    Ski+ wakeboard€ 40
    Ski lesson€ 50

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  • Driving Directions

Summer 2013 Memories: Corfu is beautiful and the carefree times we spent at Skiclub 105 was extremely enjoyable. Absolutely Corfu & Ski Club 105!
Carol Easter